The Myanmar chronicles begin with the foundation of Tagaung in the upper reaches of the Ayeyawady in 850 B.C. but the early history of Myanmar is obscure. However. due to the latest discoveries of primates fossils in Pontaung Region . The French Professor Jean Jacques wrote in the French newspapers ." Primates fossils that were discovered in Pontaung region in the northwest of the Union of Myanmar revealed that this region was once inhabited by the human beings that dates back about 40 million years ago and thus these fossils were 7 million years older than the fossils that were found in Egypt. Moreover. according to the evidences that were found in Padalin Cave at Ywa Ngan Township in Shan State proved that human beings lived there about 10000 years ago.
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About 800 A. D.. Bamar and its racial groups came into Myanmar along the Thanlwin river via the Nat Htate Valley in the south-east of Kyauk-se Township. At that time Thet and Kadu were living in the northern part of Myanmar at Tagaung . which was in the east of Ayeyawady river . ancient Rakhine were living at Vesali . Mon were residing at Thaton which was situated near the sea and Pyu were staying at Sri Kshetra which was near Hmaw Zar village near the town of Pyi.

Later . Hanthawaddy ( Bago ) . where a lot of Mon were residing played an important role in the history of Myanmar. Thaton. Bago and Pyi ( Sri Kshetra ) were sea -port- towns and due to the trading between these towns and India. (especially Middle and Southern part of India )Buddhist monks arrived at Myanmar. After a long time. most of the people from Thaton. Sri Kshetra and Bago became Buddhists. some of them worship Lawkanarhta God of Mahayana Buddhism and various gods of Hindus. When Bamar were residing in the central part of Myanmar Pyu. Thet and Mon were also staying with Bamar. Later. Bamar. Pyu . Mon and Thet moved to Taungtwingyi which is in the southern part of Kyauk-se due to the population growth. Some transferred to Salin creek and Mone creek-region where Karen and Palaung were residing beforehand after crossing the Ayeyawady river. Some also traveled up to Rakhine and some went to Mu delta after traveling up the Ayeyawady river.




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