Salon. a group living part of the time on a few littoral area on the fringes of the Andaman sea and part of the time on their boats. wondering about among the Islands of the Myeik Archipelago in a nomadic existence that has caused them to become known as the sea gypsies. The other mankind the sea gypsies of Myeik Archipelago. Myanmar people call the Salon.

Salon people. the moken people are so simple and shy population. non-violence. egalitarian. but they really don't like to interfere with all even they can speak their Language they know. That means when you arrive in their group. There is small group in scattered in Archipelago. You feel like an intruder. They won't say anything. They won't push you away. They won't welcome you. They push you infant of yourself and what are you doing there. That's the main questions they ask you. So. it's quite difficult to be in touch with them. So. shy. again non violence and really on their own and living in their own story. legend. all their dreams. That's very difficult to get it. There are no more then five thousand Salons left in the world today scattered over the Myeik Archipelago as well as some parts at the Andaman Sea.




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