There is a hilly village called Nant Lin Taung where Eng nationals have been living in that village. 13 miles far from north of Kyaung Tong in Eastern Shan State in Myanmar. It has 20 households which one built with long- footed base and thatch roofed and the location of the village is on the reddish earthen stopped. The meaning of the name of the national tribe “Eng” is “Running in Shan dialect.

Some are Buddhist and some are professing traditional spirits. Now. We see the Eng people offering their spirits and drinking traditional liquor what we call Kaungyay for their new harvest festival. Their traditional national costumes are black attires and both males and females usually wear flowers or earing.

So. Nant Lin Taung village is one of there which is depicting the traditions and customs of Shan tribes. one of Myanmar Nationals. The Eng are possibly related to the Wa tribe. They live only in the foothills of the Kyaing Tong basin and are another diminishing tribe. Eng women often marry at the age of 14 or 15. They wear the colorful ornaments suit. Their villages are built along mountain ridges. and they use bamboo pipes to pipe in water. The Eng are animists and hold a festival at the full moon in November.




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