The Palaungs. who mainly live in the Kalaw area in Shan State. belong to the Mon-Khmer stock. It takes about two to four hours through the hills to the village of the Palaung tribe. At first a steep track leads down into a narrow valley where the Palaung cultivate cheroot. tea. damsons and mangoes on the hillsides. The track across the valley floor and then climbs very steeply again to the Palaung village of Pinnabin. which sits on top of a hill.
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Palaung costumes feature bright and saturated color. with married women wearing cane rings around their waists to indicate marital status. Most Palaungs in the village prefer their traditional way of life. and live in the long houses unique to their tribe. Six Palaung families live together without separation in this 30-metre-or-so long house. in which all daily activities take place - weaving. cooking and child caring. Tiny chambers are set up for some degree of privacy. The village has an interesting long houses for eight families. Observe tribal village life and how the Palaung people drying cheroot in a specially designed oven. The Palaung originate from Mon-Khmer stock. They mainly live in the mountains and are mostly Buddhist.




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