Matho Thingan (Yangon)

Yellow Robe Weaving Festival (Countrywide)

This festival of Tazaungmon is an auspicious time for offering of yellow robes to the monks. The Buddha’s mother. reincarnated as a god in Tavatimsa. perceived from her heavenly abode that her son would soon be discarding. the royal robes and wearing a monk’s garments. She wanted to provide the yellow robes of the monk and she had only a night’s time. But she had it woven in a single night and offered to the Prince (Siddhata) by a celestial messenger. In commemoration of this event weaving competitions of yellow robes are held all over the country.

An offering of Kathein thingan (ceremony for offering of yellow robes) to the monks is usually a big affair in large cities of Myanmar. Offering ceremonies consist of a thousand and one gifts pooled by the whole town beside the prime gift of Yellow robes. The Kathein festivals account for the greatest significance in Tazaungmone.

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