Hot-air balloon Festival (Taunggyi - Shan State)

Taunggyi is the capital of the Southern Shan State and it lies 1.430 meters above the sea level and has a moderate climate. The most significant festival is the annual Tazaungdine Lighting Festival which is around October and November. Lu Ping festival commonly known as hot balloon festival celebrates by Pa O. one of the many ethnic groups in the region.

On the occasion people enjoy fun and merriment by holding firework-launching competitions. The firework is in the form of rockets. There is also hot balloons competitions on the day and night occasions. Day balloons are usually in the form of Pagodas. and animals such as elephant. dragon or ducks while the night balloons usually in the shape of rugby ball. huge elongated paper balls with small lighted multicolored paper lanterns hung around their sides and balloons would sting along fireworks and fire sticks which are set off mid-air fireworks.

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