Myanmar silver smith workshops are manufacturing silverware such as Boxes. Plates. Cups. Baskets. Bowl. Ceremonial Bowl. Sling Bags. miniature Bullock cart with two oxen. Spoon. Fork and Knife and Bangle. Bracelet. Earring. Ring. Brooch. Belt etc. All of them are made by hand. No machines are used. The value of the silverware is depending on weight and quality of workmanship. Some silverware such as Baskets. Sling Bags are made by weaving of small silver threads/strips. Some are in plain and engraved design. The most popular style is embossed figures on the surface of Box or Bowl. Those figures are the expressions of stories e.g. Ramayana. etc. and the life style of Myanmar people.
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Making of Silverware Silversmith in Myanmar is a one of the traditional art. We are proud to use those utensils such as silver bowl. jar. kettle. necklace. armlet and rings are the products of silversmith. Silverwares are usually adorned with figures from religious stories and folklores and floral designs. To make silverwares. silver is mixed with brass and melt. When silver and brass melt and mixed. the alloy is transformed into ingots. which in turn are hammered and cut as required. Very roughly. this required ingots are created into many forms as desired.

After that. we draw figures and floral designs on outer surface with pencil. Sealing-wax are used in filling up inside and cover outside of item. one step after another to make strong it's shape and forms when depicting figures in relief. These desired figures are then curved and embossed with chisel and awl. And after the curving work is completed. the silverware is polished and washed to shine and you will be able to witness intricate Myanmar silverware at it's best.




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