Bamboo sticky tube

Bamboo-tube sticky rice which we called Kauk Nyin Kyidauk. is one of the favourite seasonal food among many traditional foods made with Myanmar rural products.

There are various types of bamboo in Myanmar. among them. “ Tin-wa” “ pencil tube bamboo” is used in making Bamboo-tube sticky rice.

Old-age bamboo and newly fresh sticky rice are used to get an aromatic seasonal food called Bamboo-tube sticky rice.

Firstly. Bamboos are cut up by a saw to have hollow bamboo opening with one-joint-end closed. and then cleaned and unsoiled sticky rice. which has been immersed in clean water for four hours. is slowly poured into each piece of hollow bamboo-tube. Each tube fully filled-up with sticky rice is struck against the ground to become dense.

After that. the bamboo sticks are kept vertically in serial in a large container. And then each stick is placed one by one vertically across the fire stove to bake. Then. they are backed on open fire using dried leaves and bamboo wastes.
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