Plain Rice

There are mainly two ways to cook plain rice.

(1) Cooking the Myanmar Way

First take the amount of rice to cook and for how many persons. Wash rice thoroughly. After washing. put water until the top of the pot. but not so full. Switch on the stove and let the water boil. Be careful when the rice boil. some boiling water and rice may overflow. To be able to avoid this. use a wooden spoon to stir well when it starts to boil. While stirring. take a look at the rice and squeeze some rice grains. If the rice grains are fully cooked. it will not contain the hard rice grain inside and the grain will be flat.

Now. take the pot away from the stove and pour down all the boiled water from the rice by using a cover on the pot. This will really need experience from the housewives because its really a hard job. After all the water has been drained off. put the pot back again on the stove and heat up for a while. Shake up the pot and dont let the rice burn inside. Move the pot on the stove very frequently and after about 5-7 minutes the rice is finally cooked.

This is a usually daily life way of cooking in many urban and rural parts of Myanmar.

(2) Cooking with Rice Cooker

This is the easy way to cook rice. using a rice cooker. Read the instructions on the rice cooker. Wash rice and then put rice and water together in the rice cooker. Now we need to be careful about the amount of the water in the cooker. After that. just press on the cook button and let the rice cooker do the rest of the work. When the cooker has finished its cooking. the rice is ready to serve.




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