Myanmar Orchestra or Myanma Saing Waing

The musical ensemble called "Saing Waing" in Myanmar is the sense of an Orchestra from the western countries. The entire fencing is made of teak or lacquer ware and is gilded. This is considered as more professional. formal and mostly played indoors.

It is composed of 21 drums (pat-lone) arranged in a rounded order. where in the centre sits the leader of this Orchestra. This person moves ones hands very quickly. in a rounded position to produce the music. A circle of 18 bronze gongs (kyay-wain) are similarly arranged too. with another person in the middle.
myanmar-orchestra saing2
A big double-faced drum hung on the body of a mythical figure. This mythical figure is known as "Pyinsa Yupa". which is a combination of 5 animals: elephant. bullock. horse. carp. and toenayar. Alternately lion. elephant. buffalo. carp. and hinthar. This figure is supported by tripods. This drum is beaten with force.

Other than the above instruments. a group of six drumlets consisting of one round drum. a medium size drum. a pair of bronze cymbals. two sets of bamboo clappers (wa-let-khot). one oboe and one flute (hne) and a pair of timing instruments called "See" (two small bronze cymbals. for the fingers) and "War" (very small clappers. just for the fingers). completes the rest of the Saing Waing.

Here are some components of Myanmar Orchestra.

  • Circular series of drums (pat-lone)
  • Circular series of gongs (kyay-wai)
  • Gongs (mong-sai)
  • Bamboo clapper (war-let-kote)
  • Oboe/flute (hnae)
  • Timing bells (si)
  • Bamboo (warr)
  • Short drum (si-toe)
  • Cymbals (lin-gwin)
  • Six drum set (chauk-lone-pat)
  • Great drum (pat-ma-gyee)
These 31 drums of various sizes were based on 31 planes of living beings. according to Buddhism.

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