Chins reside in north and north west in Myanmar. The principal Chin clans of the Tiddim area are the Thado. Kanhow. Sokte. and Siyin. The Thado. more numerous across the Assam border where they are known as Kukis. The Falam Chins are the Tashon. Lomban. Laizo. Kwagli. Whelugo. and Yahow. The southern Chins are the Hsemtang. Zhotung. Lawhtu. Vamtu. Kaka. Yokwa. Klang Klang. Bwal. and Kwalringtlang. A wide variety of languages and dialects spoken. and the language of one village may be intelligible to a village a few miles away.
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In general. Kamhow is understood in the north. Laizo in the centre and Lai in the south.In the hills behind Pakokku are the Chin Boks.who fall into four clans. the Nedu. Men. Hnenyun. and Ra. The Chin Bok women have tattooed faces. A large majority of the people are Chins. Mros (Mago). Khamis and Bamars form significant parts in southern and western part of Chin State.Majority of the people are Christians. There are Buddhists too. Because Chin State is hilly and access is difficult. there is a slight difference in languages spoken in one region and another. It had a population of about 412.700 in 1983 and 465.361 in 1996 respectively. Chin State border with India in the north and west. Rakhine State to its south. Sagaing and Magwe divisions in the east.





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