The Inle lake is in the Shan Plateau about 900m above sea level. Lake Inle is about 22km long and roughly 10km wide. There are about 20 villages of the Intha tribe who live on the water in lake islands and along the lakeshore. The people of this lake. by childhood. are already veterans at swimming and boating. On Lake Inle. the locals balance themselves on one leg in their boats while dexterously using the other leg to work on baots. This unique style of rowing can only be seen in this area. Tomatoes. melons. cucumbers and all kinds of vegetables are grown in "floating farms" of aquatic plants. The Intha people are hard-working. Cigar-rolling and weaving are the women's work. The weaving of the Lotus robe to office to the Padaung Oo Pagoda is well-known in the country.
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