Myanmar Throne

The Royal "Lion Throne" of Myanmar

myanmar-throneThe 180-year-old Sihasana Pallanka (Great Lion Throne) was exhibited in the Lion Throne Hall. Surrounding were all together 8 miniature replica models of the Thrones used by the Myanmar Kings in ancient times.

:: Sihasana Pallanka
(Lion Throne)

:: Hamsasana Pallanka
(Hamsa Throne)

:: Gijasana Pallanka
(Elephant Throne)

:: Mayurasana Pallanka
(Peacock Throne)

:: Bhamarasana Pallanka
(Bumble Bee Throne)

:: Padumasana Pallanka
(Lotus Throne)

:: Sinkhasana Pallanka
(Conch Shell Throne)

:: Migasana Pallanka
(Deer Throne)

The specifications of the royal throne

Weight: approximately 1 ton
Height: approximately 14 feet
Width x Length: 15 x 5 feet

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