Novitiation Ceremony

Today. we will present one of the noblest ceremonies for Buddhists in Myanmar called ceremony of ordination and novitiation. This ceremony is especially held in Waso month. the fourth month in Myanmar calendar which coincide during July and August.In Buddhism to become a novice. the novice to be has to overcome three steps which are shaving the hair. wearing the robe and believing Buddha. Dhamma; Teaching of Buddha and Saga “ Monk” as the reliable source to take refuge.

Among them. although shaving the hair and wearing the robe seem to be easy. it is difficult to believe firmly in Buddha. Dhamma and Sangha what we call three venerables. As it is difficult to pronounce perfectly the novice to be has to learn at least one month ahead how to ask for the robe from the presiding monk and how to pronounce properly the three venerables and how to say beats and so on in Pali language.

Buddhists in Myanmar believed that if their sons have been initiated into novice-hood at least on in his life. the parents will not suffer in hell in next existence and they regard the son who is in novice-hood like men who are in more noble life and pay respect while they are in novice-hood. Nowadays in Myanmar. as the ceremonies of ordination and novitiation are held especially in summer vocation between March and May. you can watch Myanmar Buddhist’s traditional style of novitiation procession throughout the country.




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