Myanmar Mat

The mat is an essential accessory in a Myanmar household. It is weaved from thin straps of the Thin Reed.The Thin Reed grows in the swamp areas of Ayeyawady Delta region and Taninthayi Division of Lower Myanmar. The traditional mat weaving industry flourishes at Pantanaw. Danubyu. Laymyetnha. Hinthada and Maubin Townships in Ayeyawady Division.

It takes at least about twelve days to weave a mat. The Thin is systematically processed by being cut. sunned. soaked in water and peeled into straps before being woven into a mat. The thin straps are dyed to be colourfully woven.

A mat has two layers. A mat which only has the upper layer woven in decorative designs is called “one smooth side” mat. When both of the two layers are woven in patterns. the mat is called “two smooth sides”.

The Thin straps are dyed to be colorfully woven. Mat weaving is a lucrative home industry. The mat goes in conformity with Myanmar’s culture as well as Myanmar’s hot weather. A traditional mat lay in a Myanmar house adds auspiciousness to its interior.




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