Spirulina of Myanmar

In Myanmar. the natural Spirulina is produced from the natural lakes of Twintaung. Twinma. Taungpauk and Yaekharr. Yaekharr Lake is located between Sagaing Hill and Min Wun Hill in Sagaing Division of central part of Myanmar.

Yaekhar Lake produces natural Spirulina to use in the production of medicines and consumer goods. The Spirulina can be found in the volcanic crater lakes and the natural lakes. having high PH level.

In the first stage of Spirulina production process. the water is pumped up from the lake. Pumping water includes 6:1of water and Spirulina. Pure Spirulina can be obtained from which the pumped water is sieved by three times during the reproduction season of Spirulina and this technique is called ‘Flat Plane’.

At ordinary times. Spirulina is sieved by Tube Plane technique. The sieved Spirulina has to be made into filigree work by using hydraulic press. And then noodle like Spirulina is dried in the sun. To produce dried powdered Spirulina. two methods are used one by natural sun’s heat and the other is by chemical processes.

The Spirulina dried by chemical processes is better than the one dried by sun’s heat. The powdered spirulina is obtained by these methods. Yaekharr Lake is providing necessary Spirulina. one of the richest natural sources of protein. used to make medicines and consumer goods which are getting very popular in the International market day by day.

Spirulina Products


Consuming Spirulina (or) Blue Green Algae makes you healthy. long life and free from diseases because nearly all vitamins are proportionately in it. Spirulina Production Centre. Yaekharr of Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory in Sagaing Division is producing commodities made of Spirulina.

The process of making Spirulina Pasta is that Spirulina powder is blended with flour. and mix with egg and mineral water according to the ratio for ten minutes. Spiral shaped noodles are produced by using machine.


The noodles are steamed for three minutes to become hard and dry. After cooling. Spirulina Pasta is ready. As Spirulina Pasta is rich in protein. vitamin and mineral. it gives nourishment for human. Spirulina medicated Thanakha that Myanmar traditional Thanakha blends with powdered Spirulina is produced by using modern technique.

Colored powder is than added to paste Thanakha and powdered Spirulina. Then. the Filigree work is being done. Before molding the Thanakha. perfume oil is added in specified proportion. And then. cakes of Thanakha are dried in the sun. As this product is rich with natured substances. it is suitable for smooth complexion.

Biomin. a kind of natural tonic which contains Spirulina. Aloe Vera and honey is produced systematically. It is essential tonic that consists of protein. vitamin. mineral and other nutritious substances totaling one hundred. Yaekharr Lake. between Sagaing and Min Win hills in central part of Myanmar is producing Spirulina. life support for human.





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