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Cultural tours

Myanmar is a land of traditions and cultures. The country and the people have ancient cultural heritage and many tourists from all over the world are interested in this.
Many travel agents and tour operators from Myanmar offer a range of cultural tours and trips throughout the country. The main destinations included in this type of tours are Yangon. Mandalay. Bagan. Mrauk U. Mon State and Inle Lake.

Yangon has been the capital of Myanmar for a long time and it is rich in colonial buildings and the modern lifestyle of the people. It is also the main hub to entering Myanmar.
Mandalay is the ancient capital of Myanmar during the Konbaung Period. The city has the Royal Mandalay Palace which has been renovated after a great fire. The Palace has been built with the Myanmar cultural tastes. The Mandalay Hill and the Moat are also some more to see.

Bagan was the first Myanmar Empire which was founded by King Anawrahta. Bagan was a rich city during the ancient time and it was said almost everyone donated and built temples and pagodas. Some of those ancient monuments and ruins are still found in Bagan today. The most famous monuments in Bagan are Ananda Temple. Thabbyinnyu. Dhammayangyi and Shwezigon Pagoda.

Mrauk U is another place of ancient destination with cultural heritage in Rakhine State. The Mrauk U Kings established the kingdom and the traditions of this place. Today. many remains and ruins of temples and pagodas shows the Rakhine’s cultural destination.

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