National Botanical Garden / National Kandawgyi Gardens


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In 1915, a Forest Researcher Mr. Alex Rogers founded the Botanical Garden. He planned, chose, looked for the right place and established it into an international garden. Recently after the establishment of the garden, in 1917, Mr. Otway Wheeler Cuffe and his wife Mr. Charlotte Wheeler Cuffe helped Mr. Rogers with the ideas, formation, landscaping, building the garden in the London Kew Gardens. Before it was only 150 acres in area.


In 1924, December 1st, the Botanical Garden was turned into the National Botanical Garden with a total acres of 240. The garden was well preserved by the Ministry of Forestry. In 2000, the garden was maintained and now it has great landscaping and scenic view.


Nan Myint Tower


A tower was built in the National Kandawgyi Gardens on 11th April 2002 and was opened on 18th December 2003. The diameter of the tower is 50 feet and has a height of 215 feet. There are 12 levels, where 10 levels are for viewing the beautiful scenes of the garden. And 11th floor is for the Function Hall.


Other interesting attractions


Orchid Garden, Children Playground, Pagoda Island, Tea House, Souvenir Center, Cascadean Garden, Rainbow Fountain, Swamp Walkway, Rock Garden, Bamboo Garden, Croton Garden, Pine Forest, Timber Walkways, Rain Forest, Walk in Aviary and Takin Compound are other interesting places to visit in National Kandawgyi Gardens.




Located between 22°O' N and 96°30' E in Pyin Oo Lwin Town of Mandalay Division. 3538 feet above sea level.




436.96 acres.


Year of Establishment


Established in 1915



  • Yangon via Manadalay to Pyin Oo Lwin, 472 miles by car.

  • Yangon to Mandalay, 400 miles by air and Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin, 42 miles by car.


  • To serve as a recreation center for the public.

  • To carry out educational activities related to conservation of trees and forests so that people will become interested and appreciate the values of trees and flowers.

  • To assist botanists and researchers with their studies.

  • To collect and reproduce rare and endangered plant species for their perpetual existence, conduct research activities and assist the development of ecotourism industry.

Forest/vegetative Types

  • Forest trees (big species) : about 344 species. Total number of trees : about 5000.

  • Indigenous orchids : 42 species.

  • Rose : 25 species.

  • Crinum amoenum (land lily): 6 species.

  • Natural Forest Area : 42 acres.


  • Mandarin Duck, Mute Swan, Black Swan

  • Green and White Peacock

  • Rare Takin

  • Inland indigenous birds (resident forest birds), reptiles, small mammal species and insects are present.

Conservation, Development and Research Programmes

  • Conservation of trees already planted.

  • Additional planting of tree species which are ecologically adaptable.

  • Maintenance and improvement of completed land-scaping activities with advanced technology.

  • Implementation of educational programmes in environment and nature conservation.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation
  • Study and research activities relating to Botany.

  • Rest and recreation.

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