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Information about Bagan

Today, Bagan has many hotels and guest houses to stay in. Most popular ones are Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sakura, The Hotel@Tharabar Gate, Kumudra Hotel and many more. One should also buy a map of Bagan, so that people can travel alone depending on their interests. Many souvenirs and antiques can be bought near the Bagan Pagodas. But it is also a bit difficult to differentiate between the genuine and fake. There are entrance fees to the Bagan Zone, Bagan Museum and some pagodas too.

Regions of Bagan

Bagan has 19 villages and many regions. The main regions where most of the famous pagodas are Old Bagan, Minnanthu, Nyaung U & Wetkyi In, Myinkaba, Thiripyitsaya, Bagan Myothit (or) New Bagan and Pwasaw.

Arts of Bagan

Bagan was a place which was flourished with arts and buddhism. The major attractions in the monuments of Bagan are mural paintings, glazed plaques stone inscriptions, stucco and fresco. Today, Lacquerware is the main local products of Bagan which exports to many parts of the world and the country.

The four wonders of Bagan There are four main monuments known as the wonders of Bagan.

There is a Myanmar saying as

" Dhu Dhammayan

Nyan Thatbyinnyu

Anu Ananda

Dakho Shwezigon"


Dhu = Dhammayanyi Temple (The most massive monument in Bagan),

Nyan = Thatbinnyu Temple (The most omniscient building in Bagan),

Anu = Ananda Temple (The most sculptural monument in Bagan) and

Thakho = Shwezigon Pagoda (The most sacred place in Bagan).
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