Pawdawmu (Shin Pyin) Pagoda

It lies in Padaung, Bago Division. It was said to be carved out by the nat king from the Buddha's sacred barge and given to King Alaung Sithu. The king revered it with a Shin Hla image in a cave at Chaukma above Sagaing, after having revered it in the palace. After some 600 years, it was taken away by kathes of Manipura. The king conveyed it back in Sakarit 1114, from there to his palace. In the reign of King Sinbyushin, son of Alaung Sithu, it was conveyed by U Nyein, hero of Thayezee (or) Taleesi Ward in middle Myanmar, by royal permission, to Thayezee (or) Taleesi Ward in Padaung. In 1186, due to colonialist wars of aggression, it got left unrevered and be¬came covered with earth. In 1236, it was brought to surface again. Originally, it was named Stun. Pyu but it was also known-as Pawdawmu. In 1288, it got a new gantaguti building atop Thiri Mingala Hill and became one like today.

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