When you arrive


Yangon : Yangon International Airport is located 20 km from downtown Yangon. The Arrival Terminal is located separately from the Departure Terminal and the Domestic Terminal and simplified procedures ensure that on arrival and departure. international passengers are processed quickly through immigration and customs. The Yangon International Airport works 24 hours daily.

Mandalay : Mandalay International Airport is located in the centre of Myanmar about 35km outside Mandalay. the country’s second largest city. It takes approximately 1hr to get from the airport to the centre of the city. It is a modern airport with six passenger boarding bridges and three of them can handle modern Boeing 747-400 planes.


A Limousine Service Counter is located in the Arrival Hall. Major hotels provide transfer services; and taxis are also available. Passengers are advised not to use the services of touts for taxi or other services.


* Government Offices 09:30 to 16:30 hrs. - Weekdays Mon. to Fri.
* Banks 10:30 to 14:00 hrs. - Weekdays Mon. to Fri.
* Shops 10:00 to 21:00 hrs. - Mon. through Sat. some open on Sunday too


International Driving Permit required which must be presented to the authorities to endorse or issue a Visitor license.


Newspapers & Journals - Three morning newspapers Myanmar Ah Lin and Kye mon in Myanmar and The New Light of Myanmar in English are published in Yangon and The Yadanabon News in Myanmar is published in Mandalay. Myanmar Times Journal (English Version) is distributed every Monday. and the Myanmar Version is distributed ever Friday. Both journals are published in Yangon. The locally published magazines in English; Golden Myanmar. Myanmar Chronicle. and Myanmar Perspective. are available in bookshops. Foreign newspapers such International Herald Tribune. as Singapore Straits Times. and some foreign magazines and periodicals are available at In-wa (Ava) Bookshop. No.232. Sule Pagoda Road. There are also a huge variety of magazines. ranging from monthly to biannuals. although their market is smaller compared to the "journals".

Radio - Radio Myanmar broadcasts English on the following schedule: 8:30 am to 9:00am 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm; and 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm. The new City FM broadcasts from 08:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.. and from 13:00 P.M. to 17:00 P.M. daily. starting from January 1. 2002.

Television - There are two local TV channels: TV Myanmar and Myawaddy with programs running from 7 am to 4 am; and from 4 pm to 11 pm. Most hotels also have satellite TV. Myawaddy was started on the 27th March. 1995. The average broadcasting hours is about 8 hours per day when it started. But now.

MRTV 3 - English programs are telecast for viewers in Myanmar from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. The transmission hours for viewers from abroad are from 13:00 A.M. to 14:00 A.M.. 18:00 P.M. to 19:00 P.M.. and from 02:00 A.M. to 04:00 A.M. It is an English channel for oversea audience. It can be received from 126 countries and is transmitted from Thaicom-3 C Band Global beam. In addition. the Ministry have also broadcast the MRTV3 programs pm the Internet using web based video streaming system via the gateway of Myanma Posts and Telecommunications. It can be accessed on Internet through http://www.mrtv3.net.mm web site.

MRTV 4 - It was launched on (15-5-2004) like a streaming video via satellite. MRTV 4 contains non-formal education programs and other entertainment programs. But for receiving. it can be matched by MMBox (Myanmar Media Box). This transmission contains educational programs from Ministries. Myanmar movies. English movies with Myanmar subtitles. cartoon programs and other entertainment programs. The transmission time is from 7 am to 11pm daily. For more quality and convenience. MRTV 4 will soon be broadcasting with Digital Video Broadcasting Technology (DVBT) terrestrial system.


Domestic Flights
The main tourist centers are located at a distance from Yangon. and it is convenient for visitors to travel by domestic flights. Myanmar Airways. Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways operate flights of major tourist sites including Mandalay. Bagan. Heho. Thandwe. Myitkyina. Tachileik and Kawthaung.

Rail Service
Yangon-Mandalay is the main rail link with four express trains running daily between Yangon and Mandalay. Furnished coaches (Cherry and Padauk) for a group of 4 or 8 persons are available. From Thazi on the Yangon-Mandalay line. a branch line runs to Shwenyaung (the nearest station to Inlay Lake) and to Taunggyi.

From Mandalay. there are rail services to Pyin Oo Lwin. Lashio. Monywa and Bagan. There is also a rail service from Yangon to Bagan which operate on alternate days.

* Dagon-man 01-277503
* Station Enquiry 01-274027
* Malikha-Mandalar 02-21385
* San Thaw Tar 01-221460
* Goods Train 01-222700

Road Transport
Most tourist sites are also accessible by road. There are 12 Highway Bus services running between Yangon and Mandalay using air-conditioned coaches. Traveling time is about 14 hours with brief stop - overs at Taungoo and Pyinmana. Limousine taxis and mini-buses are available in Yangon for sightseeing and up country tours.

Inland Waterways
Myanmar has many rivers and a large delta in which the Inland Water Transport operates a huge fleet of double and triple-decker boats. There is a regular service between Bhamaw and Mandalay and between Mandalay and Pyay (Prome) via Bagan.


If any tourist gets sick inspite of all the precautions. many hospitals can cater for foreigners medical needs. Some are as follows :

  • Asia Royal Hospital
    # 14, Baho Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon.
    Tel : (95-1) 538 055
  • Pun Hlaing Hospital
    Pun Hlaing Golf Estate Ave, Hlaing Thayar Township, Yangon.
    Tel : (95-1) 684323
  • Witoria General Hospital
    # 68, Taw Win Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon.
    Tel : (95-1) 666128
  • SOS Assistance
    Inya Lake Hotel. 37 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon.
    Tel : (95-1) 667877. 667879
  • Kandawgyi Clinic
    Natmauk Road,
    Tel : (95-1) 530083
  • Pacific Medical Centre & Dental Surgery
    81. Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
    Tel : (95-1) 548022

Foreign Embassies in Myanmar


88. Strand Road. Kyauktada Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-251810. 251797. 251798. 251809. 246462. 246463
Fax: 951-246159


11(B). Than Lwin Road . Bahan Tsp.. Yangon
Tel: 951-515275. 526144
Fax: 951-515273
Email: bdootygn@mptmail.net.mm

Brunei Darussalam

317/319. U Wisara Road. Sanchaung Tsp.. Yangon
Tel: 951-526985. 524285
Fax: 951-512854t
Email: bruneiemb@bruneiemb.com.mm


25 (3B/4B). New University Avenue Road. Bahan Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-549609.540964
Fax: 951-512854
Email: recyangon@myanmar.com.mm


1. Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road . Dagon Tsp.. Yangon
Tel: 951-221280. 221281. 224025. 224097. 221926t
Fax: 951-227019. 228319


81. Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road . Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-222886. 222887t
Fax: 951-222865
Email: egyembyangon@mptmail.net.mm


102. Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-212178. 212520. 212523. 212528. 512532
Fax: 951-212527
Email: ambafrance.rangoun@diplomatie.fr


9. Bogyoke Aung San Museum Street. Bahan Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-548951. 548952. 548953
Fax: 951-548899
Email: info@rangun.diplo.de
545 - 547. Merchant Street. Kyauktada Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-391219. 388412. 243972
Fax: 951-254086. 250164. 388414
Email: indiaembassy@mptmail.net.mm
100. Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-254465. 254469. 229750
Fax: 951-254468
Email: yangon.kbri@deplu.go.id
15. Khabaung Street. Hlaing Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-515115
Fax: 951-515116
Email: info@yangon.mfa.gov.il
3. Inya Myaing Road. Golden Valley. Bahan Tsp..Yangon.
Tel: 951-527100. 527101
Fax: 951-514565
Email: ambyang.mail@esteri.it


100. Natmauk Road. Bahan Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-549644-8. 540411. 540400. 540399. 545988
Fax: 951-549643

Korea (North)

77C. Shin Saw Pu Road. Sanchaung Tsp.. Yangon
Tel: 951-512642. 510205
Fax: 951-510206

Korea (South)

97. University Avenue. Bahan Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-527142. 527143. 527144. 515190
Fax: 951-513286


A-1. Diplomatic Quarters. Taw Win St. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-222482
Fax: 951-227446
Email: laoembcab@mptmail.net.mm


82. Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon
Tel: 951-220248. 220249. 220251. 220230
Fax: 951-221840
Email: mwkyangon@mptmail.net.mm


16. Natmauk Yeiktha Lane. Tamwe Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-545880. 557168
Fax: 951-549803
Email: nepemb@mptmail.net.mm


A-4. Diplomatic Quarters. Pyay Road. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-222881
Fax: 951-221147
Email: pakistan@myanmar.com.mm


50. Saya San Road. Bahan Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-558149. 558150. 558151
Fax: 951-558154
Email: yangonpe@mptmail.net.mm


38. Sagawa Road. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-241955. 254161
Fax: 951-241953
Email: rusinmyan@mptmail.net.mm
Saudi Arabia
287/289. U Wisara Road. Sanchaung Tsp. Yangon
Tel: 951-536153. 516952
Fax: 951-516951
114-A. Inya Road. Kamaryut Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-515282. 515283
Fax: 951-504274
Email: serbemb@yangon.net.mm
238. Dhamazedi Road. Bahan Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-559001
Fax: 951-559002. 559922
Email: singemb_ygn@mfa.gov.sg
Sri Lanka
34. Taw Win Street. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-222812
Fax: 951-221509
Email: embsrilanka@yangon.net.mm
94. Pyay Road. Dagon Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-226721. 226728. 226824
Fax: 951-221713
Email: thaiygn@mfa.go.th
United Kingdom
80. Kan-na Road. Kyauktada Tsp.. Yangon.
Tel: 951-370867.380322.371852. 371853. 256438. 370863
Fax: 951-370866
Email: Visa.Rangoon@fco.gov.uk
United State of America
110. University Avenue.Kamayut Tsp. Yangon
Tel: 951-536509. 535756
Fax: 951-650306
Email: consularrangoon@state.gov
72. Than Lwin Road. Bahan Tsp. Yangon
Tel: 951-511305
Fax: 951-514897
Email: vnembmyr@cybertech.net.mm

Useful Phrases

Greetings and Farewell

English Myanmar
Auspicious to you all Mingalar Ba
How are you? nei kaun: ye. la:
Good morning mingala nan ne khin: ba
Good afternoon kaun:tho:nei Khin: ba
Good evening kaun: tho: nya. nei khin: ba
Good night / Good Bye thwa: bi
Please to meet you. twei. ya. da wan: tha ba de
See you again noun gya. thei: da paw.

Yes / No Words

English Myanmar
Yes (Male) hou' ke khin bya.
Yes (Female) hou'ke shin.
Yes (both genders) in:
No hin. in:
No (it isnt) hin. in: ma hou' phu
Okay / Alright / Agreed kaun: bi
It's all right ya ba de

Polite Phrases

English Myanmar
Thank you kyei: zu: tin ba de
Thank you very much kyei:zu: amya: gyi: tin ba de
You are welcome kyo zo ba de:
I beg your pardon (apology). sei' mashi. ba ne
I beg your pardon (Male) khin mya (?)
I beg you pardon (Female) Shin (?)
Sorry sel' mashi ba ne.
Excuse me thi: khan ba
You are so kind. a: na zaya gyi:
Don't feel awkward. a: ma na ba ne
Can I help you? ku nyi ba ya. zei
I don't mind. its alright. kei' sa mashi ba bu:
Good Luck kan kaun: ba zei

Questions and Requests

English Myanmar
How much? be lau'le:
What's that? e: da ba le:
Where is the restroom? ein tha be ma shi. tha le:
What time is it? bel na nar yi shi byi lel
May I go now? thwa: gwin. pyu. ba oun:
Do you understand? khamya: na: le tha la:
May I take a photograph? da' poun yai' lo. ya. mala:
May I use the telephone? te li hpon: thoun: lo. ya.ma la:
Where is ...? ...be na: ma le:
How much do I owe you? be lau' kya. tha le:
I want to go ... ...go thwa:gyin ba de
I want... ...gyin de
Which way? be lan ga thwah ya ma ke'
How Far? be' lauk way tha le'
Where are you going? be thwa ma lou le'

Other Phrases

English Myanmar
Very expensive zei: mya:de
I cannot speak Myanmar Myanmar lo mata' bu:
I don't understand na: ma le bu:
Really? da ge la:
It's impossible ma hpyi' nain bu:
Possibly hpyi' nain ba de
Beautiful! h!a. lai' ta
Keep the change maan: ne. daw
Be careful tha di: hta: ba
Be careful. don't drive too fast tha di: hta: ba: phyei: byei: maun:


Turn left be be cho:
Turn right nya be cho:
Straight ahead te. de. thwa; ba
Stop here dima ya' ba
Slow down hpyei: byei:
Turn back pyan hie:


English Myanmar English Myanmar
One ti' Sixteen tasel chauk
Two hni' Seventeen tasel kun
Three thone Eighteen tasel shit
Four lay Nineteen tasel koe
Five ngar Twenty hni sel
Six chauk Thirty thone sel
Seven kunit (kun) Fourty lay sel
Eight shit Fifty ngar sel
Nine koe Sixty chauk sel
Ten tasel Seventy kuni sel
Eleven tasel ti Eighty shit sel
Twelve tasel hni Ninety koe sel
Thirteen tasel thone One Hundred ta yar
Fourteen tasel lay One Thousand ta htaung
Fifteen tasel ngar One Lakh ta thein


English Myanmar
Airport lei zei
Bus Station ba saka: hma'tain
Railway Station buda youn
Hotel hou te
Embassy than youn:
Hospital hsei: youn
Clinic hsei: gan:
Police Station ye: sa khan:
Post Office sa dai
Market zei:
River Boat jetty thin: baw: zei'
Guest house e. yei' tha
Restaurant sa: thau' hsain

Dos and Donts in Myanmar

Typical Character

  • Friendly. helpful. honest. but proud.
  • Treat everyone with respect and you will be respected.


  • When addressing people. don't leave out U (which stands for Mr) or Daw (which stands for Ms/Mrs).
  • Speak slowly and clearly.


  • Not always necessary to shake hands.
  • Don't hug or kiss in public.
  • Don't touch any adult on the head.
  • Don't step over any part of a person. as it is considered rude.
  • Accept or give things with your right hand.
  • In Myanmar. unlike the Indian continent. nodding means YES. and shaking head means NO.


  • For hygiene reasons. eat only in decent restaurants. When not available. always eat heated food.
  • Don’t eat food purchased from street vendors.
  • Don't drink tap water.
  • Drink only bottled water and soft drinks that haven't been opened yet.
  • Let the oldest be served first.
  • Chinese food is common and suggested.
  • Myanmar food are often complained as 'oily'.
  • To try good Myanmar food. go to decent restaurants in Yangon area. where they cook Myanmar food according to international standards.


  • When buying gems. sculptures. or any expensive souvenir. make sure it comes with an export permit.
  • Buy arts from authorized dealers only and get a certified receipt.


  • Don't leave expensive items in your room. Use safe deposit box.
  • Beware of cheats. swindlers. imposters.


  • Stay away from narcotic drugs.
  • Carry some medicines for diarrhea.
  • If sick. don't worry. All doctors are English literate.
  • Health insurance is not available.


  • Accept that facilities may not be the best.
  • On trains. keep windows shut.
  • Speed or distance descriptions are in miles. not kilometers.
  • Carry toilet paper in your bag.


  • Most Myanmar do not wear shoes in their homes. Take off when visiting.

Moving About

  • Don't jay walk. Watch where you walk and what you step on.
  • If driving. city speed limit is 30 mph. Drive on the right side.


  • At religious places. remove footwear. but to remove headwear is not necessary.
  • Avoid shouting or laughing.
  • Avoid being a nuisance when taking photographs.
  • Treat Buddha images with respect.
  • Tuck away your feet. Don't point it toward the pagoda or a monk.
  • Don't play loud music in these areas. Note that Buddhist monks are not allowed to listen to music.
  • Do not put Buddha statues or images on the floor or somewhere inappropriate.
  • Don't touch sacred objects with disrespect. Hold them in your right-hand. or with both hands.
  • Leave a donation when possible.
  • Show respect to monks. nuns. and novices (even if they are children).
  • Don't offer your hand to shake hands with a monk.
  • Sit lower than a monk and elders.
  • Don't offer food to a monk. nun. or a novice after noon time.
  • A woman should not touch a monk.

Helpful Numbers

Nay Pyi Taw

Police 067 - 414224
Fire 067 - 420005
Hospital 067 - 420096
Railway Station 067 - 22508
Airport 067 - 35104


Police 199. 549309
Police (Tourist Safety Unit) 376166. 642742. 549209
Fire (Emergency) 191. 252011
Yangon General Hospital (YGH) 256112. 256123
Ambulance (YGH)   192. 295133
Tourist Information 371910. 374281
Airport (Yangon) 662811
Customs 253046. 285607
General Post Office 285499. 295359
Highway Bus Station 640469
Railway (Enquiry) 201555. 272176
Road Transport   640469. 252573
Inland Water Transport 250253. 289379
Shipping (Coastal Vessels) 283122
Immigration 249216


199. 02-36871. 02-36974
Fire 191. 02-21091
Hospital 02 - 39001~5
Airport (Mandalay) 02 - 87540.    02 - 87404
Railway Station 02 -35069. 02 - 35140
Post Office 02 - 21761.    02 - 21520
Road Transport and Bus Line 02 - 63169


02 - 67243
Fire 02 - 60191
Hospital 02 - 67219. 02 - 67220
Airport 02 - 67199
Railway Station 02 - 67588
Post Office 02 - 67009. 02 - 67347
Myanmar Travels and Tours 02 - 67418

Pyin Oo Lwin

085 - 22037
Fire 085 - 22323
Hospital 085 - 22720. 085 - 22525
Railway Station 085 - 22021
Post Office 085 - 22112

Nyaung Shwe (Inle)

081 - 29001
Post Office 081 - 29002
Myanmar Travels and Tours 081 - 29058


081 - 21009
Fire 081 - 21502
Hospital 081 - 21511
Post Office 081 - 21575
Heho Airport 081 - 29705
Myanma Airways 081 - 21565
Yangon Airways 081 - 23995
Air Mandalay 081 - 21330
Air Bagan 081 - 24737
Myanmar Travels and Tours 081-21611

Kyaing Tong

084 - 21504
Hospital 084 - 21511
Post Office 084 - 21506
Airport 084 - 21433
Myanma Airways 084 - 21162
Fire Station 084 - 21504


043 - 21017. 21048
Hospital 043 - 23511
Post Office 043 - 23479
Airport 043 - 23455




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