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Mrauk U is situated in latitude 20-44'N and longitude 93 26'E and was once the capital of the powerful Rakhine Kings. The archaeological remains in Rakhine (formerly known as Arakan), date back between the 15th and 16th centuries. It stands at Aung Dat creek about 50 miles from the mouth of Kaladan River where modern capital Sittwe lies. One can get to Mrauk- U by a government ferry boat or by hiring a chartered boat which will take 5 to 6 hours voyage from Sittwe.

Here are some of the interesting places to visit in Mrauk-U.

  • Shittthaung Pagodas (or) 80,000 pagodas
  • Ananda Sandra Pillar
  • Andaw Thein temple
  • Yadanarpon temple
  • Dukkanthein or Htoke Kan Thein
  • Leymyatna Pagoda (or) the four-faced pagoda
  • Koe Thaung Pagodas (or) 90,000 pagodas
  • Laungbanbrauk
  • Pitakataik (or) the Library
  • Five Victory Pagodas
  • Palace Site, the ancient ruins of Mrauk U period
  • Mrauk U Museum showing information about the ancient Rakhine eras.


The Rakhine State is situated within the tropical zone and the weather is warm and humid. Since it is a coastal region of Myanmar, rain and clouds are expected. Mrauk U is situated inside the state in to the inlands and travelling through the rivers and valleys.

Temperature During the tourist seasons, every morning the temperature is cool enough as around 18c -22c in the months (Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb) and in the hot season as 22*c- 25*c in the months of (Mar- April- May). The hottest days are from May 15 to June 15 it's just before monsoon is not come in yet. But always lower than 32. Sometimes, storms and cyclones bring strong winds to Mrauk U.

Best time to travel

The best time for tourists to visit Mrauk U is from the first week of October to February. After the monsoon has finished, the hills, trees and everything is shining around. Beautiful flowers and green sceneries can be seen by this time.

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