How to get there

Accessibility to the pagoda is easy; a visitor can proceed to Kyaikhto by train or by the 200 km road by car via Bago.

By Express

If you want to take the express, you can easily buy tickets at the highway bus stands. The express usually leaves at night about 9pm and reaches the base of the camp early morning at about 2.30am. After that passengers are to trek up the mountain. The distance from Kyaikhto to the base camp Kinmon Sakhan (Kinmon Camp) is 12 km.

By Train

If you want to take the train, then the train leaves the Yangon Central Railways Station, downtown at night about 10pm and reaches Kyaikhto in the morning about 4am. Then you can take a bus to the base of the camp and will reach around 6am. From there, you can start trekking.

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