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. 3.9 billion
years ago
Oldest rocks of the earth. Precambrian time
Pondaung Man, the earliest primates known today, resided in Pondaung, northern Myanmar. Other traces of early human settlements are also found. 40 Million
years ago
. 1 Million
years ago
Traces of Java Man, Indonesia
. 900,000
years ago
Peking Man, China
. 600,000
years ago
Lantian man, China
. BC 3300 Writing developed in Sumeria
. BC 3100 Egypt united
. 3000 Birth of Greece
. BC 2500 Begining of Indus Valley civilization
. BC 2590 Great pyramid of Giza built
Hanlin Pyu City State, Beikthano (Vishnu) Pyu City State, Thuwunna Bonmi (Ramanya) City State came into existance BC 2000 .
. BC 1500 Jewish religion emerges
. BC 1220 Olmec civilization rises in Mexico
. BC 800 Etruscan culture rises in Italy
. BC 750 Sparta rises as military power
Tharay Kittarar (Srikittra) Pyu City State founded. BC 1000 .
. 566-480 Life of Buddha and the emergence of Buddhism
. 459-331 Rise and fall of Persian Empire
Waytharlee Kingdom founded BC 518 .
. BC 509 Monarchy ended in Rome and became a republic
. BC 479 Death of Confucious
. BC 250 Maya civilization emerges
. BC 221-214 Great Wall of China built
. BC 51-30 Reign of Queen Cleopatra VII
. 30 Roman captured Egypt
. BC 44 Julius Ceaser assisinated
. 1 AD Birth of Jesus Christ
. 27 Death of Christ
. 100 Paper invented in China
. 330 Christianity becomes religion of Roman Empire
. 476 Fall of Rome
Bagan Dynasty began as a city-state. 107 .
. 571-632 Life of prophet Mohammed
. 800 Rise of Ghana in W. Africa
The First Myanmar Empire founded after King Anawrahtar organized the whole country into a single soverign. 1044-1077 .
. 1066 William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, defeated Anglo- Saxons and founded today's England, which resulted the birth of English language.
The earliest Myanmar script carved on stone by Prince Yarza Komer. 1100 .
Bagan Dynasty fall. Many pagodas in Bagan were destroyed as a source of bricks to build forts urgently, in defending Genghis Khan's troops from Mongolia. 1287 .
Founding of the Second Myanmar Empire, Hantharwaddy (Bago) Dynasty 1287 .
. 1300 Gunpowder revolution
Pinya Dynasty founded. 1309 .
Sagaing Dynasty established. 1315 .
Innwa Dynasty founded. 1364 .
TaungNgoo Dynasty established. 1486 .
Founding of the Third Myanmar Empire, Konbaung Dynasty. 1752 .
First Anglo-Burmese War 1824-26 .
. 1839-42 First Opium War, China
Second Anglo-Burmese War, where General Bandoola died. King Mindon nationalized petroleum production. 1852 .
Industrial revolution took place during King Mindon's reign. Sent fact-finding missions and trainees to the West. 1853-1878 .
. 1868-1912 Industrial revolution broke out in Japan during Meiji period. Sent fact-finding missions and trainees to the West.
The first Myanmar ambassador to Europe, Kinwun Mingyee U Kaung travelled to Europe, with King Mindon's steamer ship called Yaynanyinthar. 1876? .
Third Anglo-Burmese War. Great Britain captured the whole part of Myanmar. 1885 .
David Sime Cargill founded BOC (Burmah Oil Company) investing 1.5 million Sterling pounds, and later up to 18 million pounds. 1886 .
70,000 barrels of petroleum produced. 1888 .
Standard Oil Company, the first American oil company in Myanmar, began its operation. 1901 .
5,000,000 barrels of petroleum produced. 1910 .
. 1914-18 The First World War
. 1939 Siam officially changed the country's name to Thailand.
Drove out British. Japanese invaded 1940 .
Myanmar was the 14th largest petroleum producer in the whole world. 1915 .
. 1939-45 The Second World War
40 million Sterling pounds worth of petroleum-related machineries (including 2 refinery plants) destroyed by the British before their withdrawl to India. 1942 .
. 1945 Birth of the United Nations. The first atomic bomb tested.
Drove out Japanese. Allied Forces came in. General Aung San assasinated. 1947 .
Founding of the Fourth Myanmar Union, Union of Burma, after independence on 4th January from British. Myanmar joined The United Nations as 59th member. 1948 The world's first computer invented.
Revolutionary Council took over 1962 .
Became a socialist republic. The flag changed. The emblem changed. The national anthem unchanged. 1974 The first personal computer by Altair launched, followed by another version by Apple, 1977.
SLORC took over. The first multi-purpose .language software "Ava Burmese Font" for Macintosh by John Okell. 1988 .
The name of the country, Burma changed to Myanmar 1989 .
Multi-Party General Elections held in Myanmar. 1990 .
The first multi-purpose. language software "Pioneer Myanmar Font" for MS-Windows by WinMyanmar Systems. 1992 .
The official government website "" launched. 1994 The usage of internet began to spread widely to public, and internet revolution began.
Myanmar joined ASEAN 1996 .
SLORC changed name to SPDC. The first email service became available. 1997 .
. 2000 Y2K-problem will disturb older computer systems.
Birth of Myanmar Information and Communication Technology Park (MICT Park)




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