Loka Manaung Wish-granting Pagoda - Kachin State

It is the oldest pagoda in Myitkyina, Kachin State. It was built by King Alaung Sithu in Sakarit 454 enshrining Buddha relics from Mizzima Detha, north of Thaya-gon Village on west bank of Ayeyarwady, south of Namhsan Creek while on tour of the country. In 1125, under the reign of King Sinbyushin, the major commanding the left flank while on his way to vanquish the enemies camped at the Thayagon Village, found the pagoda and had repairs done to it. In 1294, the banks of Ayeyarwady were eroded by the water-erosion and so Sayadaw U Eithara and Sayadaw U Nyana salvaged the relics of the pagoda and transferred the pagoda to 50 arm lengths from the river. The second world war came and it was brought down and covered with overgrowth but the relics were found in radiance at nights. So Wuntho Sayadaw U Sandimar and Sayadaw U Thawbana salvaged the relics and rebuilt it for the third time in 1316.

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