Minbu Shwe Settaw - Magwe Division

A pair of Buddha's Footprints are located in Settawya, a forest retreat at 34 mile distant west of Minbu on the apposite bank of Magwe which is 331 miles from Yangon by road. The Footprints are well preserved and shrines were constructed nearly. The place is known as the Pagoda site of the forest. The pilgrimage is combined with flicking for young people as the scenery is picturesque with a full taste of natural atmosphere. One can go there also by Minbu- A Road following braches lane at 22 miles post. The site is on the river Man. The festival is held on the fifth waxing moon of the Myanmar calendar month, Tabodwe (February and March) annually. Many people from different parts of the country gather their and make meritorious deeps singly or collectively.


On the way from Minbu, the visitors can pay homage to Sandal wood Monastery at Legging where the Lord Buddha had visited in his lifetime. The history of that Footprint Pagoda dated back to the time of the lord Buddha. Once the Lord Buddha came to that site in the country of Sunapranta. He met the Orahat Sicca Vanda and Naga Nammada on his way and on their humble request, the lord granted their reverence. The Foot points were enshrined ever since. The lower Footprint on the slat is under water during the monsoon months as the river Man is flooded. Therefore the festival is celebrated in the later winter months.
There are series of stalls marketing different things for the pilgrims and villagers nearly. The souvenirs can be bought there also.

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