Wish-fulfilling. ordination umbrella-shaking pagoda

The Umbrella Shaking Pagoda lies in the west of Hna-kyat-khwe village. Kyaukpadaung Township. Manda-lay Division. It was built in dedication to the ordi¬nation of Shin Arahan and five hundred arahants. It has four significant points (1) if shaken from upturned and down-turned lotuses. the whole pagoda visibly shakes (2) there is only one lion statue in Tuesday corner (3) A seik-phalu tree of unchanging size grows at Rahu corner and it flowers in all months of three-month Lent (4) The banyan branches do not go over the brick wall. and if they do they fade incessantly. The village was so named as the soldiers under King Alaung Sithu ordered to dig a pond there brought for each. two and a half ticals of sand for it. and hence the name of the lake. and also the village. The lake is north of the village. In the south is another called peiktha lake.

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