Shwebontha Pagoda

Shwebontha Pagoda lies in Kyaikkaw village. Thein Seik Circle. Thaton Township. Mon State. Buddha came to Thuwunna Bhumi in Sakarit 111 at the request of Arahanta Gawunpati Hermit. Buddha gave two hair relics that were enshrined in the pagoda. They were granted to King Thiha Yaza. On 15th waning moon day of Kason. Sakarit 1 IS. Arahanta Shin Maha Kassapha further consecrated the five gold followers donated by the king of nats and built a new pagoda.

It was called Kassapha Pagoda. later known as Kyaikkaw Pagoda. or Flower Pagoda in Mon. In the time of King Sula Thirimar. tooth relics were retrieved from some rock pagodas in Mon State and Kayin State and consecrated in new pagodas. One of such pagodas enshrining a tooth relic was the Kyaikaw Pagoda. It was later renovated. finally in 1312 as Shwebontha Pagoda.

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