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In the early centuries of the Christian era the Mons were settled in the region between the Sittaung and Salween(Thanlwin) rivers which was known as the Mon kingdom of Ramanyadesa. Thaton. the seat of this kingdom was also known as Suvannabhumi or the Golden Land. which also applies to the whole region of continental south-east Asia around the Bay of Bengal. Doubtless Thaton was flourishing port in ancient and there was constant intercourse between Southern India and the region around Thaton and Pegu(Bago). The old city of Thaton appears to have built on a quadrangular plan like the more modern cities of Amarapura and Mandalay. There are two ramparts in a rectangular shape and the moat lies between the two walls. which are faced with laterite stones. As the present town is developed within the old city the remains of the inner city are no more visible. The chief pagodas are situated between the palace site and the south wall.

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Shwezayan Pagoda

Shwezayan Pagoda is often called Thaton Shwezayan to differentiate it from another Shwezayan between Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin. The pagoda as it stands today has a height of 360 feet (110m) from plinth to the finial and by its configuration seems to be quite modern. but a number of stone inscriptions. of which 5 display Old Mon writing. attest to its antiquity. The festival for this Pagoda is held on the 8th waxing day of the month of Dabaung which roughly corresponds to March.
The Shwezayan pagoda is said to have been built in the 5th century B.C. It has been built over and has now assumed a modern shape with a circular base and a bell-shaped superstructure.
Within the precincts of the Shwezayan pagoda were found seven inscribed stones. five in early Mon of 11th century. one medieval and the seventh illegible. Among the stone sculptures collected in the same building is a figure of standing Buddha depicted in relief on a sandstone slab.

Kyaikhtee Saung Pagoda (An ancient Laterite Stone Pagoda)

It is the one of earlist hair relic pagoda in Mon State. Kyaikhtee Saung Pagoda is located on the Laterite Stone hillock. The hillock itself is forme by laying the laterite stones ontop of one another forming a big square gradually grind up keeping the form but reducing the size of squar intact untill it reaches the top platform. At 1971 the monk U Pyinnyadipa (Now. he is the abbot of the monastery and famous as Kyaikhtee Saung Sayadaw) has arrived back his native village Zoke Thoke. He himself found the old pagoda under the huge bushes. He organized his disciples and villagers to clear the bushes. Then he rebuilt and renovated the old pagoda and old laterite hillock. Now. the Kyaikhtee Saung Golden Pagoda has appeared surrounded by the new buildings for the religious purposes.

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