Mya Thein Tan Pagoda

Mya Thein Tan was built in Mingun of Sagaing Division by King Sagaing. enshrining an emerald worth about 100.000 on die 15th waxing moon day of Tagu. 1163 ME. It was also called Shinbyu Phaya as it was a repository of Shinbyu Phaya donated by King Alaung Sithu. It is also known as Sinbyumai it was built by Setkya Mingale in fond memory of his late mother. Sinbyumai. The wall was meant to signify the solar system.

The seven terraces like the waves was to signify the seven rivers and seven mountains the seventh terrace was to signify the peak of Ugando Mountain and at the centre was a brick structure encircled by a five-tier structure and it conveyed the sign of the Mount Meru. The pagoda was an image of Sulamani Pagoda at the peak of Mount Meru in Tavatimsa plane of nats. The surrounding pyathats signify the abode of the nats. The three tazaungs signified the three from the nat world to Thingathanago prepared for Buddha to descend from Tavatimsa. Each has 53 steps.

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