Shwe Gu Ni Phaya

Shwe Gu Ni Buddha Image lies in Kyaukka village ten miles east of Monywa Township in Sagaing Division. It was one of the 34.000 pagodas built by King Thin Dharnma Thawka. At that time Kyaukka was known as Kyaukthan and it was known as Myo-Oo Athawka pagoda at the head of the city.

A new pagoda was built on top of it by the King of Kyaukka under the reign of King Mingaung Gyi of Innwa in 762. It was then known as Kyaukka Shwegu Pagoda. In 1000 under King Thalun. the pagoda was damaged and the original pagoda was retraced and built anew by Ashin Nyana Myinzu. the Sayadaw of Kyaukka.

It was then known as Kyaukka Shweguni. In 1189. under King Bagyidaw Phannanshin. the Sayadaw of Kyaukka rebuilt it to be 34 cubits at its base and 72 cubits in its height up to the diamond bud. In the cave is a reclining pagoda four cubits high. It has been so gilded by devotees that it is like a gold piece almost devoid of human features.

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