HSoon Oo Ponnyashin Pagoda

HSoon Oo Ponnya Shin Pagoda lies atop Nga-pha Hill. one of the 37 hilltops of Sagaing Hills. The hill resembles a frog and hence it was known as Nga-Pha Hill. It was built in 674 by a Sage U Ponnya of Pintaya Tazeeshin Thihathu. It enshrined Buddha relics revered by successive kings.

Since its construction. it is known to have the earliest Hsoon (Food. rice) offered by celestial beings before any by human beings. It is also the first pagoda offered Hsoon on the full-moon day of Waso every year of all hilltop ones.

It is 96 feet and four inches high. The umbrella is 25 feet and seven inches high. It is reputed to grant 14 wishes such as being free of killing by others. getting promotions. and having an insight into things and events.

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