Myeik - Tanintharyi Division

The Myeik archipelago situated on the southern Taninthayi Division of Myanmar (formerly known as Tennesarim coast of Burma. Around and on the east Myeik. there are many valuable tin mines. oil palm plantation. and rubber plantation and evergreen forest. On the Andaman Sea. many valuable Pearl breeding and fishing beds can observe in the sea. Pearl Island is the source of high quality pearls. and fishing is the traditional business along the coastal sea and islands. There are about 804 spotted islands scattered across the blue sea along the Taninthayi coast and the city is on the island in the mouth of Tannintharyi River.

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Kawthaung is the southernmost tip of Myanmar and about 800Km from Yangon; the city retains the atmosphere as fishing port.

Once the British named as Victoria point. So the port lies right on the pointed tip of the tenessarim peninsula.

It is known as the busy fishing port. Can visit to Tha Htay Kyun (Boss Island) within 10 Minutes from Kawthaung.

Tha Htay Kyun

Where Andaman Club is located Zadakale ( St Luke ) Island. across the Andaman sea. ThaHtay Kyun has beaches but it coast is too rocky for swimming. Can visit to the Islands nearby in this archipelago to explore the under water coral garden where nobody had never been. The Islands nearby are the island of Dawei fisherman inhabited for many years known as the Salons or sea Gypsies who sail around the islands.

The Salones (or) the Sea-Gypsies

Have been known by various names. such as Orang Basin. Chaunam (Water folk) by Thais and Mae Ken by themselves.




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