Shin Motti Phaya

It lies in Dawei. Tanintharyi Division. Shin Maha Arahan. the arahanta. pondered how Buddha sasana would fare in the next 5000 years. Then the Thagyamin. the King of nats. built four statues to represent Kaukasana. Gonagon. Kassapa and Gautama. the four Buddhas that had come in this world of Badda. and on the full moon day of Tabaung Sasan Sakarit 932. he sent them on oath to the country that would see Buddha sasana flourish all along in these 5000 years; the one sent by float on logs of Thingan stumps reached Thagara. Dawei.

It was hailed tumultuously by tens of thousands of people on thousands of boats. but the statue just remained for three days. As it rested at Kondan Point of Theta Village. nun Mai Aethi (Lay name Man Hmwi) had a dream and hailed the float with seven threads with seven nobles and pulled at it. whereupon the float came off there. King Bala Dewa Saw Narain was so pleased that he had a thousand masons build the ordination hall of Maha Wisitramu and he also had Shin Motti Phaya built within two months. The image was covered with a gold image. and a ruby umbrella.

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