Yankin Hill

The Yankin Hill is located in the East of Mandalay. Yankin Hill meaning "away from danger", shows harmony and peacefulness of Mandalay.

There are many carved figures of fishes on the hill. It was placed by Min Shin Saw, son of King Alaung Sithu during the Bagan Era. It is believed that first the figures of the fishes were kept in the Royal Palace during the Yadanarbon period. But later on for the sake of the people and on their believes, Min Shin Saw placed the figures on Yankin Hill. Whenever there was a draught, the people of Mandalay carried the figures around the city and then went to Yankin Hill. It was believed that by doing this, it could bring rainfall to the city. There is a bus route winding up the hill from both the South and North side.The hill is about 215 meters high and ranging from North to South about 2013 meters wide.

The Mya Kyauk tube well is situated near the Yankin Hill and visitors can also pay homage to the Atula Maha Mya Kyauk Pagoda.




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