Yadanar Pon Pagoda

Yadanar Pon Pagoda was built in A.D 1612. and was donated by King Min Khamaung and Queen Shin Htwe. The pagoda is located on the northern part of Andaw Thein. There are lots of architectural remaining of Mrauk U time.

There are seventeen smaller pagodas around the main pagoda. Each one was donated by Kings. Queens and other royal families of Mrauk U Dynasty. Those smaller pagodas are called as Ayan Zedi in Myanmar. meaning the surrounding stupas. Those seventeen Ayan Zedi (meaning surrounding stupas) were also donated by King Min Khamaung and Queen Shin Htwe in A.D 1612.
yadanarpon-pagoda01 yadanarpon-pagoda02
The main pagoda is circular at the base and measure a height of 200 feet. The pagoda was destroyed during the World War II and now has been renovated based on the original structure. The main pagoda and its surround smaller pagodas do not have any entrance. niches. arches nor any ornamentation. The main pagoda resembles the shape of a huge bell. The whole structure is enclosed within an octagonal border. The entrance of the wall consist of stone lions guarding the pagodas. No floral decoration of any kind can be found on this pagoda.

Traditionally. it is believed that the pagoda was built for the purpose of acquiring or securing treasures. both mundane and spiritual.

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