Hgnet Pyit Taung

Hgnet Pyit Taung is located in Nyaug U & Wet Kyi In region.

Hgnet Pyit Taung meaning. the hill of the cut down bird and refers to the legends of the king which killed the bird is one of most significant place in Nyaung U.

Several monasteries like the monastery of Shin Arahan. can be seen in this region. Shin Arahan opened the door to Theravada Buddism in Bagan region.
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The legend says that it is here that king Anawrattha who was interested much in Theravada met Shin Arahan. who came to Thaton and made him build a monastery in this place. Hnget Pyit Taung so that it is external in Nyaung' U. then river port of Bagan. The place moreover was located on the road of the Popa Mount. the rice plantations of Kyaukse. Sittaung and also the road of the south. of the Mon country. The rooms were recently restored and one finds the principal room of prayers (Dhammayon) with his 24 columns out of teak wooden. the room of prayers of Shin Arahan (with a natural sculpture size representing the Master). The staged roof of Vihana being double and in the style of Bagan.
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Hgnet Pyit Taung means "the hill of the cut down bird" or "the hill where the bird was shot". It refers to the legends of the king who killed the bird ogre is one of most important history of Bagan. There was also a saying that King Anawrattha who was much interested in Theravada Buddhism met Shin Arahan who came from Thaton and built him a monastery at this place. It is outside Nyaung U region and near the river port of Bagan. It is located on the road to Mt Popa. The rooms of the great monk were recently restored. There is a prayer hall with 24 columns of teak wood and with natural sculptures representing Shin Arahan. Hgnet Pyit Taung also has the same carrier like the caves. which receive the monks for the meditation and which are decorated paintings.

Nearby Attractions

Shin Arahan Oakkyaung

Nearby there is the famous Shin Arahan Oakkyaung or the Shin Arahan Brick Monastery. It was known to be the dwelling of the Shin Arahan during the ancient Bagan time.
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