Kyanzittha U Min

Kyanzittha U Min of the three Kyanzittha U Mins located around Shwezigon Pagoda. the one mentioned here is on the west side. U Min means tunnel. It is constructed partly above ground and partly underground. Facing north. it used to have a Dhamma Sala (preaching hall) at its entrance.

On the south. there are traces of the site of another Dhamma Sala. The base built of stone still remains there. On the north there are an enclosure wall and an entrance. The walls of the U Min are adorned with ancient frescoes. The frescoes present pictures of Spires. Mount Meru. a Mongol warrior and Commander. and depict a pageant with musical instruments proceeding to the Pagoda.

There is on the ceiling of the northern entrance a picture of the monk Shin Upagutta taking meal. In the middle of the U Min is a cellar around which circuits a corridor. There are small meditation cellars. Unlike other caves in Bagan which were caved into the sand stone hill. this U Min is built of brick.

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