Leimyathna Temple

The Leimyethna temple. the "Temple of the Four Faces". is a beautiful example of a single-storeyed temple built in the Late Style.
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Resting on a platform. the temple is square in plan. with porches projecting on all four sides. and with the main entrance in the east. The superstructure consists of receding terraces. with crenellated parapets and small stupas at the corners. surmounted by a curvilinear spire which is crowned by a stupa. The Late Style makes for a bright interior. where there are remmants of murals portraying the 28 Buddhas of the Past. scenes from the Jatakas. and the Final Life of Gotama Buddha. Unfortunately. many of the murals have been lost in whitewash. The donor of the Leimyethna was Anandathura. a minister at the court of King Htilominlo (1211-1234). who. with his wife. built the temple in 1223 and left behind an inscription saying:

"Upon a fine platform we built a temple. To enshrine in that temple we encased the holy relics in a sandalwood casket. placed it in a crystal casket. then a red sandalwood casket. then a gold casket. then a silver casket and lastly into a miniature stone pagoda. the spire of which was made of gold and the golden umbrella of which was hung with pearls and coral. In the chamber of the temple we made four images of the Lord placed back to back and facing the cardinal points. and made them shine wondrously with gems. Many more images were placed around the walls. On the walls were beautifully painted scenes from the 500 Jatakas."
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