Mingalar Zedi Pagoda

Mingalar Zedi Pagoda or the "Blessing Stupa" lies close to the Ayeyarwaddy River Bank. The Pagoda was built in 1277 by King Narathihapati. It was the very last of the large late period monuments to be built before the kingdom's decline. thus representing the final flowering of Bagan's architectural skills. It took six whole years to complete the construction of this great monument.

mingalarzedi1 mingalarzedi2

Glazed Jatakas

Well-known glazed jataka tiles Mingalarzedi is noted for its fine proportions and for the many beautiful glazed jataka tiles around its three square terraces. The smaller square building in the zedi grounds is one of the few Tripitaka libraries made of brick; most were constructed of wood. like monasteries. and were destroyed by fire long ago.
mingalarzedi3 mingalarzedi4

Mingalarzedi's uppermost terrace is one of the highest points now accessible to visitors. Being the westernmost monument at Bagan. it's a particularly good spot for a panoramic afternoon view of all the monuments lying to the east.

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