Payathonzu Pagodas

Payathonzu means "three pagodas" is a complex of three interconnected shrines. It was abandoned shortly before its construction was complete. could have been due to the invasion of the Mongols. This monument has been built during the 13th century. Since there are some possible Mahayana influence in the late time. the monument has mural paintings referring bodhisattva figures. Some define that the three monuments was designed to show the worshipping of Hindu gods such as Vishnu. Shiva and Brahma. But in another way. it is the representation of "Triple Gems" of Theravada Buddhism which as Dhamma. Buddha. and Sangha.
payathonezu1 payathonezu2
Two of the shrines contain vaguely Chinese or Tibetan-looking mural paintings that contain bodhisattva figures. The complex is usually locked. It's best to inquire at the museum in Old Bagan to make an appointment for an inspection; in high season. it will probably be open most of the day for group tours.
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