Sapada Zedi

There are two zedis "Sapadaw" and "Sapada" at the entrance of Nyaung U town near Nget Pyit Taung.

Sapada zedi stands in a triangle plot at the junction of the roads leading to Nyaung U town. Sapada zedi is locally known as "Paya Ni". The two zedis were modelled on the design of Stupa Rama zedi in Anuraddha pura in Sri Lanka. Maha Thera Sapada built them. Maha Thera Sapada was a native of Sapada village (now Ngaputaw town) near Pathein town. In the reign of King Narapatisithu (A.D 12th Century) he went to Sri Lanka as a young novice monk accompanying Maha Thera Uttarajiva. He was ordained in the Kalyani Sima (Ordination Hall of Kalyani) in Sri Lanka and he spent ten vasas (ordained years) in that country.

When Maha Thera Uttarajiva returned to Bagan. Maha Thera Sapada remained in Sri Lanka. Having resided in that country over ten years he returned to Bagan. With him came Monks Thiwali of Tamalaida village. Tamalainda of Camboza city. Ananda of Keinsipura city and Rahula of Anuraddha city. These four monks knew Tipitaka by rote. Maha Thera Uttarajiva passed away in the year Maha Thera Sapada arrived back. Maha Thera Sapada was a noted monk who bridged Buddha Sasana of Sri Lanka with Buddha Sasana of Bagan.

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