Seinnyat Nyima and Seinnyet Ama Temples

The two close temples are located in the Myinkaba region. next to the Bagan - Chauk highway. Built by Seinnyet Queen sisters.

The "Seinnyet Sisters". the Ama (Elder Sister) a temple. and the Nyima (Younger Sister) a pagoda. stand together in a brick enclosure. The temple has entrances on all four sides but the eastern entrance is the main one. The superstructure consists of four steep receding terraces. the lower three of which have medical stairways. Above these terraces rises a curvilinear spire. The triple pediments which once framed the entrances are now much damaged. but the stucco carvings which remain. decorative scrolls. ogre-heads disgorging flowers. bird and animal figures some of which are mythical. hint at the richness of the original ornamentation.
seinnyet1 seinnyet2
Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda was traditionally assigned to 11th century AD. It is a stupa with three terraces and bell shaped dome. The bell shaped dome is ornamented with moulded bands and kirttimukha (ogre-head) pendants. between four pedimented niches facing the cardinal points.

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