Thuhtay Mokgu Pagoda

Thuhtay Mokgu Pagoda is a temple situated on the north-east of Shwezigon Pagoda. It has a double vaulted corridors and a sikhara. The earthquake of 1975 brought down the sikhara and the upper vaulted corridor. The Pagoda faces east.

There are mural paintings in the devotional hall of the first storey. Like other temples. the ceiling was adorned with pictures of the Buddha's foot prints. But now as they had been pealed off the only remaining paintings are festoons of lotus flowers which used to encircle the sacred foot prints. There is a spiral stair way leading to the second storey.

In this temple there was a stone inscription. It was moved to the Archaeological Museum in 1970. It is now sheltered in shed No.1 with the registration No. 160. The inscription tells us that in the Myanmar Sakarit year 559 (A.D. 1197) a wealthy man named Zeya Thuhtay and wife built the temple. They also donated to the temple a betel nut cutter. a bronze betel box. a bronze alms bowl. a small bronze bell. a bronze ewer in the shape of a duck. a brass mirror. bronze sheets. bronze oil lamps and bronze bells.

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