Mingalar Man Aung Pagoda

Mingalar Man Aung Pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered "Man" paya of Mrauk U. This Pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered pagodas in Mrauk U. The five revered "Man" payas of Mrauk U are Lawka Man Aung. Zeenat Man Aung. Sakkya Man Aung. Mingalar Man Aung and Yadanar Man Aung. In Myanmar known as "Man Ngar Par".

Mingalar Man Aung Pagoda was donated by the son of King Sanda Thudhamma Raza. known as King Oakkalapa. Built in A.D 1685. Some facts say that the Mingalar Man Aung Pagoda was erected by King Narapatigyi.

The pagoda is built by stones instead of bricks. The pagoda is guarded with walls in a square shape. Each side of the wall has an entry gate with a leading path to the pagoda. There are 8 surrounding small pagodas. There are stone Buddha statues inside the small pagodas. There are lots of architectural remains of Mrauk U time.

Going through the forest path on the east side of the pagoda will lead to a ruined place of a princess's palace. At ancient times. the Rakhine Kings did not let their sons and daughters live in the palace and they were to live outside the palace.

On the south side of the pagoda are four stone slabs one side of which is covered with Rakhine Inscriptions. But one of the slab is badly damaged. The inscription says that King Candavizaya. the 34th King of Mrauk U erected the stone slabs. He was the great-great-grandson of Narapatigyi.

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