Pitakataik which lies close to Htupayon Pagoda and south of Shinkite wall was built by King Min Phalaung. It was square in plan with an entrance passage to the east like others pagoda in Mrauk U. Built entirely with stone. the outer walls are decorated with ornate floral and geometric design. It is said that there were 33 Pitakataiks. built in Mrauk U. The little library or Pitakataik. the Repository for the Buddhist scriptures was built in 1591 also by king Min Phalaung.



The Pitakataik measures only 14 feet from east to west. 10 feet from north to south and is only 9 feet in height. Built entirely of stone there are lovely designs on the outer walls making it look like a tiny jeweled casket shaped like a blooming lotus. There were 48 libraries in Mrauk U but only this one is preserved. though it is sometimes obscured by thickets of bushes and partly covered by moss and weeds which flourish in the 200" of annual rainfall in the region. This library is reputed to have housed 30 sets of the Buddhist Tipitaka which King Narapatigyi (1638-1645) received from Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately it acquired an unpleasant appellation due to its dark windowless interior. The library is also known as Khraung Kaik Library meaning the name of the city wall which is close to the north of the library. If you have difficulty in finding this library ask for the Htupayon Pagoda as it is just north of this pagoda.

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