Myanmar Festivals

Myanmar Calendar

The Myanmar calendar subscribes to both the solar and lunar months. thus requiring an intercalary 30-day 13th month every second or third year. Therefore. the full moon days may change from one month to another in the usual calendar. The Myanmar months and the respective festivals are as follows.

January (Nadaw/Pyartho)

February (Pyartho/Dabodwei)

March (Dabodwei/Tabaung)

April (Tabaung/Tagu)

May (Tagu/Kason)

June (Kason/Nayon)

July (Nayon/Waso)

August (Waso/ Wakhaung)

September (Wakhaung/Tawthalin)

October (Tawthalin/Tadingyut)

November (Tadingyut/Tazaunmone)

December (Tazaunmone/Nadaw)





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Festivals & Events

Kason Bo Tree Watering Festival
24 May 2013
Pariyatti Sasana Examination
June 2013
Taungpyone Nat Festival
8 ~ 21 August 2013
Phaungdawoo Pagoda Festival
5 ~ 22 October 2013

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Diving in the seas of Myanmar would dive you a great experience and joy for your holidays.



Bicycling in Myanmar blends adventure and the time to taste the cultural heritage of the country.


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