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Marine Life

The Andaman Sea is a body of water to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal. south of Myanmar. west of Thailand and east of the Andaman Islands; it is part of the Indian Ocean. It is roughly 1200 kilometres long (north-south) and 650 kilometres wide (east-west). with an area of 797.700 km square. Its average depth is 870 meters. and the maximum depth is 3.777 meters. Hence with the area that Andaman occupies. there are many marine lives. rare species of plants and undersea lives.

Underwater lives found in Andaman Sea

Whale Sharks are found in the Myanmar marine life in the Andaman Sea. Manta Ray is found at Myanmar's Black Rock. North Twin and Klaus Reef. Gray reef sharks from Myanmar's shark cave and juvenile silvertip reef sharks from the Burma Banks are popular species to observe when diving. Giant Anglerfish are astonishing giant anglerfish. perfectly disguised on the reef as a sponge. Burma’s Black Rock also has some 20 black blotched stingrays. At Western Rocky Island in Burma's Mergui archipelago aggressive big red octopuses inhabits. In the depths of the Mergui Archipelago. tile fish use their mouths to build enormous mounds of dead coral. When threatened. the fish dive head first into the rubble. This species remains undescried by scientists and has been provisionally named Hoplolatilus hopei. or Hope's tilefish.

Myeik Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago (also Myeik Archipelago) is an archipelago off the western shore of the Malay Peninsula in far southern Myanmar. It consists of more than 800 islands. varying in size from very small to hundreds of square kilometres.
The local people are an ethnic minority called the Moken. sometimes known as sea gypsies. although this term actually covers several groups in Southeast Asia. They are a sea-dwelling people and they follow a traditional way of life. doing things such as fishing and building boats very much the way they have been done for centuries. They can be found living on their traditional boats during the dry season. but usually keep to land in the rainy season.
Owing to the archipelago's remoteness. a liveaboard cruise is the only way for visitors to reach diving areas with names such as Big Bank. Rainbow Reef or Silvertip Bank. The best diving conditions exist from December to April. with whale sharks and manta rays visiting from February to May.

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