Maha Mingalar Pagoda

Maha Muni Image in Mandalay is also called Maha Myat Muni Pagoda. Payagyi and Rakhine Payagyi. It had been in reverence since Rakhine kings of Danyawady. In 1146 it was conveyed from Rakhine to Mandalay by the regent son of King Bodaw of Amarapura. It was given that Buddha came to Rakhine Danyawady under the reign of Sanda Thuriya. The King asked for permission to build an Image. He got permission and molded gold. silver and treasures and cast the Image right before the eyes of Buddha. Then the Image was blessed by Buddha seven times in His bosom. Successive kings revered it as Maha Muni Image. King Bodaw had the Image placed in nine-tier golden pyathat of brick and cement and glass. King Thibaw donated the white umbrella studded with gold. silver and gems. The height of the Image is eight cubits and a fourth (12 feet and 7 inches). The throne is seten feet.

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