You can find many wondrous places in various part of the world and Myanmar is no exception. One of these is the Snake Pagoda. situated at the town of Paleik. which is 15 miles from Mandalay.

Palate is situated approximately 30 minutes by car from Mandalay. There is a famous pagoda in town. which is called the Palate Snake Pagoda. The reason for its name is due to the snakes that surround the main Buddha figure. At present there are three snakes however for a long time there had only been one but mysteriously two more turned up unannounced. For the local people the snakes have for a long time been a symbol of guardians of Buddha. whatever the reason these passive snakes are quite happy for visitors to hold them and take pictures and at 11am every morning they take a bath in the small pool nearby. Whether you’re a snake lover or not this temple is certainly worth a visit.

The formal name of the Pagoda is known as “Ratana Laba Muni Sutaungpyi Muei Phaya” but it is known to be as “Meui Phaya” or “Snake Pagoda”. In 1977. a Buddhist monk was clearing the bush in that area and found a Buddha image inside a ruined Pagoda.

On top of the image were three large pythons and from that time on. the place became known far and wide in the country as the Snake Pagoda .Each snake is fed a pot of milk and three eggs every five days. But later on. due to instructions from a veterinarian. each was given 50 ticals of goat meat for protein. But every morning at 11:00 a.m.. the snakes are given a bath .Pilgrims from various parts of the country come to pay homage to the snake Pagoda in Paleik town whenever they arrive in Mandalay. It is Buddhist belief that even animals though merit earned in previous existences are deserving of care and attention.




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